Celebrating 60 Years of MAPC

Looking Back, Continuing Forward

Thank you to everyone who joined us as we celebrated 60 Years in the Fall, when we acknowledged the accomplishments of the past 60 years, and looked ahead to the next 60 (and continue to do so)!

In light green text, it says, "celebrating 60 years" over a light blue background.
Four women are standing together talking.
Number people sit at a table talking to each other. Some have plates of food in front of them.
Two men stand facing each other talking. One man looks like he's laughing. Behind them in the room are other people standing and talking.
Three people - two males and a female - are standing looking at a white poster board that says, "Where do you find art and culture?" The woman is putting a pin on a map on the poster board.
A large room full of people standing and facing the stage area where there is a large projector screen with text that says, "celebrating 60 years".
A large room full of people sitting in chairs facing a raised stage where a speaker is standing behind the podium smiling and clapping.

Photos from the 60th Anniversary Alumni and Staff Celebration at The Cambridge Foundry. Photos Credit: MAPC