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Equity of Wealth and Health

MetroCommon 2050:

Goal 1: Greater Boston's air, water, land and other natural resources are clean and protected - for us and for the rest of the ecosystem. 

Goal 2: Everyone has the financial resources to meet their needs and to live fulfilling lives. 

Goal 3: Greater Boston's economy benefits all in the region.  

Goal 4: We are safe, healthy, and connected to one another.  

Goal 5: Greater Boston is full of unique places and experiences that bring joy and foster diversity and social cohesion.  

Text at the top of the image says, "Eastern Massachusetts Historical Commission Coalition." A Photo under the text is of a construction machine at what looks to be a demolition site.

Launch of the Eastern Massachusetts Historical Commission Coalition

In partnership with the Massachusetts Historical Commission and Preservation Mass, MAPC launched the Eastern Massachusetts Historical Commission Coalition.
Image Credit: MA HCC

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Eleven Communities Chosen for 'Making It Public' 2023

Eleven communities were chosen for the "Making it Public" 2023 training by the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA); the training is offered in partnership with MAPC.
Image Credit: "Making it Public"   

Economic Development Planning Work with Communities 

MAPC's Economic Development Department worked with numerous cities and towns in the Greater Boston Area on the development of plans such as:

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Completed fifth year of the SNAP-Ed Project

MAPC completed our fifth year of the "Visualizing SNAP-Education (SNAP-Ed) project.   
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Hosted Three-part SUD: Prevention, Harm Reduction, and Recovery Webinar Series

Substance Use in Massachusetts: Regional Pathways to Prevention and Recovery Webinar Series.   
Image Credit: Ellyn Morgan, MAPC

Massachusetts Region 3 HMCC logo. A brown, white, blue, and red medical symbol, with the words "MA Region 3 HMCC - Health and Medical Coordinating Coalition" in a circle around the symbol.

Approval of a Project to Enhance the Health Equity within Region 3 HMCC

MAPC received approval from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and all 49 Region 3 HMCC (Health and Medical Coordinating Coalition) health departments for the development of a project to enhance the health equity within the region.
Logo Credit: Region 3 HMCC

Wooden, stacked horizontal blocks, one word per block, from top to bottom: "Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging, Equity, Identity, Tolerance, Acceptance." The background is grey/black.

Strategic Plan and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Assessment (DEIA) Initiated

MAPC hired JJR/Bijoux Consulting to facilitate a ten-month Strategic Plan and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Assessment (DEIA) to look at internal practices and policies with the goal of building the most welcoming work culture.    
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Six people - three women and three men - standing outside inside of a white tent, bundled up. They are facing the camera and smiling. They are MAPC staffers and community leaders and members.

Digital Equity

MAPC signed a $5.6 million contract with the Mass Broadband Institute (MBI) for a statewide affordable housing Wifi program. The grant is to provide Wifi to 2,400 total households.

Pictured from left to right: Executive Director of the Revere Housing Authority Dean Harris, MAPC Deputy Director Lizzi Weyant, MBI Director of Program Development Josh Eichen, Representative Jessica Ann Giannino, Acting Mayor of Revere Patrick Keefe, and Revere School Committeewoman Jacqueline Monterroso at the Apartment WiFi launch event. Photo Credit: MAPC

MAPC 60 years logo. Text says, "MAPC. 60 years. Metropolitan Area Planning Council." The logo includes a light green map of the region.

Did You Know?

MetroFuture – the Greater Boston Region’s 30-year plan – was adopted in 2008, and guided MAPC’s work with the region for the next ten years. Then in 2021, MAPC’s Council adopted a new regional plan – MetroCommon 2050 – that is guiding MAPC’s regional work from present to 2050.